November 10, 2014 – The unique reaction in a woman’s eyes when she’s presented with a spectacular Devotion diamond engagement ring is the focus of a new TV commercial Cameron recently produced for the upscale retailer. The 30-second spot, titled “Eyes,” is part of a marketing initiative designed to separate Devotion from its bridal jewelry competition in the Long Island and metro New York market.

The eyes featured in the commercial belong to Michelle Medoff, a recent Hofstra University graduate who earlier this year ended her reign as Miss Long Island 2014. After her reaction is revealed, the spot features close-up views of a glittering Devotion diamond engagement ring and a voice-over that emphasizes its patented “inner blaze.”

“The goal of our new commercial is to dramatically demonstrate what makes Devotion diamonds different and exceptional,” said Jevan P. Fox, Devotion Vice President and Brand Manager. “Our patented Devotion Round, Cushion and Square cuts have significantly more facets than traditional diamond cuts. This result in a superior brightness, fire and scintillation – what we call the ‘inner blaze’ – not found in any other diamonds in the world.” Devotion diamonds are sold via the company’s retail flagship in Roosevelt Field and wholesale branded jewelry business.

The spot debuted on TV in select New York markets in the fourth quarter of 2014. It is being accompanied by supporting print and digital advertising. Expansion to additional markets for the campaign is planned.