Redefining Wholesome

By Cameron Advertising

HoneyMaidFor those who still think making a profit and making a difference are mutually exclusive, we present Honey Maid. This past spring, the venerable graham cracker brand launched a spot depicting a variety of non-traditional families enjoying its products: a single-dad family; an interracial family; a rock n’ roll-playing, tattooed family; a military family; and, strikingly, a two-dad family.

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What Do Women Watch?

By Mark Preiser

Great article by Sam Thielman in the March 31 issue of Adweek re: what women watch on cable. Here are some stats that might surprise you:

  • More women ages 18 to 49 watch Sunday Night Football
    on NBC (3.5 million) than The Bachelorette (2.5 million).

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Dove Reveals Real Beauty

By nork

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign is without a doubt one of the most memorable marketing efforts to emerge in 2013.

Inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful, Dove’s campaign aims to celebrate women’s natural beauty, with the goal of convincing the other 96% that they are also beautiful.

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Don’t Neglect Video

By Betsy Stevens

By now, most every smart marketer knows that creating original content and pumping it out to established social networks is job one when it comes to getting noticed on the web. But the question remains: what kind of content works best?

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Damme Impressive

By Lisa Alviti

Here’s an absolutely amazing commercial for Volvo Trucks. I can see why this went viral. The stunt is real and done in one take.

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