Samsung’s $18 Million Selfie

By Betsy Stevens


For those who haven’t seen Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie from the Academy Awards, where have you been? The photo was supposedly tweeted so much that it broke Twitter. The moment surrounding the snapping of the selfie was fun and appeared to be unscripted. It seems that’s not the case, however.

The phone used to take the photo during the broadcast was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was reported that Ellen had the idea for taking selfies with the crowd, but when ABC honchos got wind of it, they insisted she use the Samsung, since the company was one of the show’s sponsors. How much did this great moment in advertising cost Samsung? According to reports, as much as $18 million.

Product placement has become so commonplace in movies and TV shows. When a brand or product is waved in our faces too often, it can become funny or distracting because it’s just so obvious. On the Oscars, Samsung managed to get in its product placement in a unique, un-obvious way.

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