Micro-video Sharing Can Yield Macro Results

By Greg Kenney

Should micro-video sharing be part of your social media game plan? Got 15 seconds?

Let’s chat about how micro-video sharing apps like Instagram and Vine became an overnight game changer within social media networks. But first, a little Social Media 101. To put it in simple terms, social media marketing employs the age-old technique of “word-of-mouth” advertising, but on a tremendously grander scale. Businesses employing a robust social media strategy as part of their marketing plan will experience:

  • Instant brand awareness
  • Customer recognition acting as spokesperson, supporting and endorsing their brand
  • Consumer loyalty
  • Improved audience reach and contacts through viral sharing
  • The ability to expose their brand instantly to vast social media communities employing multiple online and mobile platforms

The benefits are significant. Social media marketers can:

  • Build a stronger, loyal consumer community
  • Experience new customer growth exponentially
  • Provide better customer service
  • Improve public relations
  • Sell more stuff

By adding video, it’s like putting a social media strategy on steroids. As Adrian Drury from the research firm Ovum states: “Video will be the next new front in the battle to add more functionality to social platforms.”

Facebook and Twitter know a good thing when they see one. Facebook bought into Instagram, the most popular (150 million users) micro-video sharing app, for a whopping $700 million. Twitter introduced Vine, an app for sharing 6-second micro-videos, which now boasts 40 million users. These enable an entertaining and informative micro-video campaign to attract and captivate a huge following. Viewers can embrace and immediately share micro-videos with their network of contacts, allowing it to go “hyper-viral” in minutes.

But be careful. Onliners can be a fickle bunch if you cross them; honesty counts. Keep it simple; make it creative and have fun; attract and engage; maybe have a contest and watch your online community grow.

A few additional words from the wise:

“…one of the cool things I’ve seen on Instagram is how brands are using it.… I think people on Instagram love flowing their [brand’s] content… that’s where we’d like to start, supporting brands to use Instagram in an authentic and organic way.”  – Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO of Instagram

“Micro video is the next generation of marketing for small business.” – prweb.com

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