Mark Preiser, Principal

Mark started his career in what would pass today as a classic workplace sitcom: the dismal Jamaica, Queens, advertising office of the now-long-defunct Gertz department store chain. “We had all the stock characters,” he remembers. “And a staff who spent most of their time figuring out ways to torture them.”

So, the high-strung V.P. would frequently find robot armies from the toy dept. marching into his office. The tyrannical boss with an abject fear of flying would be treated to gleeful reenactments of supposed crashes at next-door LaGuardia Airport. The flamboyant creative director would react to the mayhem by locking himself in his office. As a copywriter, Mark would contribute helpful catalog lines like, “This will probably break as soon as you get it home.”

Needless to say, what goes around comes around, and today Mark rides herd on his own larger and only slightly less rambunctious cast of characters. More significantly, as a Cameron principal for the past 23 years, Mark spearheaded the agency’s growth from a specialist primarily serving local retailers to a full-service, AAAA agency serving major regional, national and international consumer-products and B2B advertisers.

Among his most notable marketing success stories, Mark created the “Bubbles the Elephant” campaign for LOOP-LOC safety swimming pool covers, which is recognized as among the most effective branding efforts in the history of the pool & spa industry, and led Cameron’s efforts for American Express, Eastman Kodak, Aris Isotoner, Latham Pool Products, Intelligent Energy, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic, among other major brand advertisers.

When away from his desk, Mark devotes his time to the boards of Long Island not-for-profits and charities, and to rescuing dogs from abuse and neglect. The current in a long line of beneficiaries is Chloe, a shepherd-collie mix. “When I got her, she had been living on the street her whole life and was snarling and aggressive,” Mark says. “She’s now the most loving dog you could imagine.”