John Twomey, Senior Creative Director

John Twomey’s affinity for design came early, through the father of a childhood friend who would bring home creative from his city agency for family and friends to review. That led John to a degree at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, which he selected as much as for the top-notch skiing and snowboarding as the program.

At his first agency job out of school, he learned the value of the full range of tools available to the conceptual designer. “I worked at a promotion agency in Westchester,” John remembers. “We did all the things for Kraft and General Foods that their big agencies of record thought were beneath them – point-of-sale pieces, displays, free-standing inserts. Fortunately, we had a creative director who treated a coupon insert as if it was the Mona Lisa. It was a good lesson: these are pieces that directly generate sales for the client and deserve attention.”

John went on in the 1990’s to co-found his own creative shop in the city, which featured all the quirky elements you’d expect to find in the Hollywood version of a hip Manhattan agency. Chic gallery space in a pre-1900 Grammercy Park-area building. Pool table. Couches and coffee tables instead of a conference room. Even an office cat, “Pucko,” named after a mysterious Japanese soft drink.

John and his team grew their agency from two to 20 people on the strength of their understanding of the burgeoning tech sector and their skill with web/interactive design. They became the agency of choice for big-name clients in NYC’s silicon alley looking to embrace the online marketing revolution, including a three-year stint as interactive agency of record for Panasonic. In 2002, John moved back to his native Long Island to continue his career, working as a go-to creative director and designer for leading agencies and advertisers throughout the decade.

Outside the office, John still enjoys skiing and snowboarding, and spending quality time with his family, his two dogs, and his 1979 Alfa Romeo.