Fuzzy Notions

By Betsy Stevens

My eight-year old daughter is obsessed with mustaches! Anything we pass that has a mustache on it, she wants. There are earrings, necklaces, t-shirts, pacifiers, mugs, socks, and even duct tape. I wondered where this latest fad had sprung from and had a difficult time tracking down some research that would shed light on it.

Finally, I found some information about PETA – in 2010 they started a “Grow Your Own Fur!” campaign, which encouraged teenagers to grow a ‘stache to make a statement against the fur industry. The idea was, when teens get comments on their new facial hair, they’d have an opportunity to talk about the cruelty of the fur business. Read more.

The craze gained further momentum in 2011 with Movember, which was a campaign for men to grow mustaches throughout the month of November to gain awareness of men’s health issues. Even the male members of the Today show got in on the act and all were sporting facial hair.