Dove Reveals Real Beauty

By nork

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign is without a doubt one of the most memorable marketing efforts to emerge in 2013.

Inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful, Dove’s campaign aims to celebrate women’s natural beauty, with the goal of convincing the other 96% that they are also beautiful.

Here’s what they did: Dove invited women to a San Francisco loft, where they were asked to describe themselves (specifically their facial features) to Gill Zamora, an FBI-trained forensic artist who could not see his subjects. After Zamora sketched each woman, he did another drawing of the same subject – this time based on how a stranger described her.

The two sketches were later shown to the subjects. The big reveal was that, in all cases, the second sketch was more flattering than the first. Their reactions were recorded and the experiment was use to create an online video titled “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.”

It is a simple idea that centers on an insight that resonates with women globally. When it comes to beauty, they are their own worst critics. The blind experiment creates storytelling that deepens with each reveal and the highly emotional moment of understanding what each woman experiences. They are infinitely more beautiful than they think they are.

With the campaign, Dove fundamentally changed its marketing objective – from competing to connecting. Which is definitely a goal all marketers should set their sights on.

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