Buzz Your Brand

By Greg Kenney

Buzz: (noun) an atmosphere of excitement and activity; (verb) to create an atmosphere of excitement and activity.
Event/Buzz Marketing: I’ll never forget my first experience. Headed downtown on my way back to work, I noticed a crowd of people staring up at the Empire State Building. Joining the fray, I was surprised to see a giant inflated King Kong tethered to the top of the spire!
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It’s Not All About You

by Jeff Ginsberg

What’s the quickest way to turn off first-time visitors to your Facebook page? Making the page all about you. The biggest thing we at Cameron try to teach our clients is simply: Nobody really cares, or has the time to care. Nobody cares how great you think your company is, what high-minded mission your brand represents, or how long you’ve been in business. The principle applies particularly to social media.

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Battle of the Pop-Ups

By nork

Intel and Google have faced off with two very different approaches to pop-up holiday stores in New York City.


Google’s Winter Wonderlab in busy, bustling Bryant Park (one of six locations in major U.S. cities) is large scale and cutting edge. (Learn more here). Intel’s Experience Store, small-scale and intimate, is tucked into a quiet street in Nolita (one of three U.S. locations – learn about it here).

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Damme Impressive

By Lisa Alviti

Here’s an absolutely amazing commercial for Volvo Trucks. I can see why this went viral. The stunt is real and done in one take.

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Here Comes The Groom

By Betsy Stevens

An article in the 10/22/13 Financial Times, “Here Comes the Groom and the Groom,” discussed a new market of consumers. The advent of same-sex marriages has opened up a whole new spin on marketing to those planning a wedding. The article quoted the mayor of New York as saying that in the year after the legislation allowing gay weddings was signed in 2011, “New York City reaped $259 million of economic benefits.” The article notes that traditional wedding planning companies have shown intolerance to gay couples trying to tie the knot. This has opened the flood gates for businesses that specialize in same-sex weddings.

The Adworld’s Animal All-Stars

By Mark Preiser

Having worked with animals in commercials, including numerous dogs, a chimpanzee or two and an African elephant, I was interested in an article I came across by Jason Notte in MSN Money. It’s entitled “The 16 greatest animal advertisers.”  They are, in no particular order:

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Size Doesn’t Matter

By Cameron Advertising

When it comes to social marketing, it turns out – somewhat counter-intuitively – that size actually doesn’t matter. The business2community blog recently noted that a company can have a massive “social footprint” without really making much difference to its bottom line.

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