Professional Advertising Services in Long Island

Our company, Cameron Advertising, has been producing results for many clients. For 35+ years, we have helped numerous clients gain results from media investment. We have spent numerous years doing our own research, and now we would like to pass our knowledge on to our clients.

We Conduct Our Own Research

Research is an important part of getting the results you need for your business using media planning and buying. However, you do not have to worry about all of the extra research. When you decide that you want to use our services, we take all of the hard work off your shoulders. We have the knowledge when it comes to how to attract potential customers to your company. We have been successful in helping other companies in the past, and now we want to help you with advertising services.

It Is All About the Strategy

Do you know that it is all about the strategy when it comes to attracting potential customers? Do you have a plan or strategy already? Often times, many individuals think they can start up their business and customers will find them. Maybe one or two customers will, but to be successful, you need to consider advertising services in Long Island. Our company, Cameron Advertising is going to help you develop a strategy. We are going to help you increase those sales.

Why Us?

You may be wondering why you should choose us. You can advertise on your own. However, do you really know how to go about it? You do not want to be too pushy with potential customers. Being like that can drive potential customers further away from you. There is a way you can approach people, and we have the experience with that. We will teach you our tips and tricks that we learned over years of experience and research. We only have the most experienced individuals on our team. We have many options when it comes to advertising services. If one of the options is not for you, we are sure to have one that is. We can customize your plan with you. All we need from you is to tell us what you are expecting out of our services, and we can do the hard part.

Having a plan is essential if you are looking for results. Not everyone is going to be a pro at bringing in customers. You probably only know the basics, but that is okay. It takes time to learn. Nobody learns this type of stuff overnight. That is what we are here for; we want to help. Our company is dedicated and strives to bring the advertising services that a company needs to be successful.

An Argument for Taking a Stand

By Cameron Advertisingviking

So how did Radisson Hotels get a full quarter’s worth of free publicity in a matter of days? It took a stand. The hospitality brand announced on Sept. 15 that it would be dropping its sponsorship of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings in response to the team’s then-lenient treatment of alleged child abuser and star running back Adrian Peterson.

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A Promotion That Really ‘Sucked’

By Mark Preiser

Hoover_MarketingThere are good promotions and bad promotions – but it took Hoover vacuum’s European arm to come up with what many regard as the worst promotion of all time. The promotion was so ill-conceived that Maytag, Hoover’s parent at the time, actually had to sell the company. I had heard about it before, but found the details in a 2011 article by Evan V. Symon, titled “The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas.”

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Redefining Wholesome

By Cameron Advertising

HoneyMaidFor those who still think making a profit and making a difference are mutually exclusive, we present Honey Maid. This past spring, the venerable graham cracker brand launched a spot depicting a variety of non-traditional families enjoying its products: a single-dad family; an interracial family; a rock n’ roll-playing, tattooed family; a military family; and, strikingly, a two-dad family.

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Creepiest Ad Icon of All Time?

By Mark Preiser


Recently I attended The Battle of The Burgers at the South Street Seaport. After sampling 15 hamburgers, my thoughts traveled to…no, not Tums and Pepto Bismol, but hamburger advertising. What popped into my head was the oh so creepy Burger King. So I was wondering who the creepiest icon might be.

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A Coke by Any Other Name

By Betsy StevensTD Canada Gives Back


It seems that I learn about the latest and greatest marketing trends from my daughter, who is 9. The newest thing on her radar turns out to be the “named” Coke bottles. In this summer campaign, the company is replacing the iconic logo on their cans with 250 popular names.

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TD Canada Gives Back

By John TwomeyTD Canada Gives Back


For ages, the banking industry has tried very hard to overcome its (in many cases well-earned) reputation as monolithic and impersonal. TD Canada Trust has done exactly that, with a heart-warming look into its relationship with its customers.

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Counter-intuitive Best Practices for Social Media

By Cameron Advertising


Social media has been on the front burner of many marketers for some time now. What’s interesting is that many of the things we think we know about using social media really don’t hold up when you look at actual statistics. Kevan Lee, posting on the Fast Company website, recently took a look at the latest social media stats and discovered some results that are counter-intuitive. Here are a few of them:

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Samsung’s $18 Million Selfie

By Betsy Stevens


For those who haven’t seen Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie from the Academy Awards, where have you been? The photo was supposedly tweeted so much that it broke Twitter. The moment surrounding the snapping of the selfie was fun and appeared to be unscripted. It seems that’s not the case, however.

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Not To Be Dis-Carded

By John Twomeytake-my-card

For 20 years, we’ve heard over and over that “print is dead.” With the internet and digital/social networking dramatically changing the way we interact and promote, many old printed standbys have gone by the wayside, or at least make little economic sense to produce. Like the 24-page capabilities brochure. The 12-over-12 spot-varnished, die-cut, blind-embossed, foil-stamped, saddle-stitched promo piece. And the die-cut Rolodex card.

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