Bizarre Gifts 2013

By Mark Preiser

Came across a very interesting article in the December 16 issue of Adweek.   It was titled Adweek’s “Bizarre Gift List.”  My favorite was the “Lil’ Mynx” portable stripper pole for $385.  Comes with a faux alligator case…presumably to upscale it a bit.  A faux stripper was not apparently an option.  A recycled wood tie for $36 also caught my eye. Probably hurts less then the recycled wood undies.

For those who have too much of everything, there is the Numi digital toilet.  It comes complete with heated seat, built-in music and touch screen remote.    Not quite sure what the touch screen is for, or if it is even safe to touch.  By the way, that will set your back $5,978.

Know a mom who’s suffering the indignities of time and gravity?  Dr. Gregory Buford is offering a Mommy Makeover for  $10,000 to $30,000.  It includes a tummy tuck, lipo and a breast lift. And you were just going to get her slippers. . .