Battle of the Pop-Ups

By nork

Intel and Google have faced off with two very different approaches to pop-up holiday stores in New York City.


Google’s Winter Wonderlab in busy, bustling Bryant Park (one of six locations in major U.S. cities) is large scale and cutting edge. (Learn more here). Intel’s Experience Store, small-scale and intimate, is tucked into a quiet street in Nolita (one of three U.S. locations – learn about it here).

Google is going big in every way, targeting NYC holiday visitors from all over the world to showcase new products. They’ve taken a page right out of Apple’s book. Intel’s pop-up is more like a quiet, friendly neighborhood meeting place. Notices are handwritten in chalk on a blackboard. You can even get a free massage!


It will be fascinating to see which approach proves more successful. Which will sell more per square foot? Which will attract more first-time and repeat customers? Which one will have longer staying power past the holiday season? The answers will provide a valuable lesson for clients planning their retail strategies in 2014. Stay tuned!