A Coke by Any Other Name

By Betsy StevensTD Canada Gives Back


It seems that I learn about the latest and greatest marketing trends from my daughter, who is 9. The newest thing on her radar turns out to be the “named” Coke bottles. In this summer campaign, the company is replacing the iconic logo on their cans with 250 popular names.

Your summer vacation can be spent trying to hunt down your own name on a Coke can. Luckily, my Olivia found her name in the first few weeks. She proudly displays the used bottle on her bookshelf in her bedroom.

If your name is not on Coke’s most popular list, don’t worry. Over the summer, Coke crews are making 500 stops around the U.S., where they will customize a Coke mini-can especially for you.

This is on the heels of another brilliant campaign, in which Coke deployed a unique plastic cap on their bottles that could only be opened when fit together with another bottle’s cap and then twisted. Thus you needed to have (or make) a friend to be able to drink your Coke. This campaign made an appearance on college campuses so that college freshmen could share a little friendly conversation.

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