A Promotion That Really ‘Sucked’

By Mark Preiser

Hoover_MarketingThere are good promotions and bad promotions – but it took Hoover vacuum’s European arm to come up with what many regard as the worst promotion of all time. The promotion was so ill-conceived that Maytag, Hoover’s parent at the time, actually had to sell the company. I had heard about it before, but found the details in a 2011 article by Evan V. Symon, titled “The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas.”

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Redefining Wholesome

By Cameron Advertising

HoneyMaidFor those who still think making a profit and making a difference are mutually exclusive, we present Honey Maid. This past spring, the venerable graham cracker brand launched a spot depicting a variety of non-traditional families enjoying its products: a single-dad family; an interracial family; a rock n’ roll-playing, tattooed family; a military family; and, strikingly, a two-dad family.

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