Creepiest Ad Icon of All Time?

By Mark Preiser


Recently I attended The Battle of The Burgers at the South Street Seaport. After sampling 15 hamburgers, my thoughts traveled to…no, not Tums and Pepto Bismol, but hamburger advertising. What popped into my head was the oh so creepy Burger King. So I was wondering who the creepiest icon might be.

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A Coke by Any Other Name

By Betsy StevensTD Canada Gives Back


It seems that I learn about the latest and greatest marketing trends from my daughter, who is 9. The newest thing on her radar turns out to be the “named” Coke bottles. In this summer campaign, the company is replacing the iconic logo on their cans with 250 popular names.

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TD Canada Gives Back

By John TwomeyTD Canada Gives Back


For ages, the banking industry has tried very hard to overcome its (in many cases well-earned) reputation as monolithic and impersonal. TD Canada Trust has done exactly that, with a heart-warming look into its relationship with its customers.

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