Not To Be Dis-Carded

By John Twomeytake-my-card

For 20 years, we’ve heard over and over that “print is dead.” With the internet and digital/social networking dramatically changing the way we interact and promote, many old printed standbys have gone by the wayside, or at least make little economic sense to produce. Like the 24-page capabilities brochure. The 12-over-12 spot-varnished, die-cut, blind-embossed, foil-stamped, saddle-stitched promo piece. And the die-cut Rolodex card.

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Someone Thought It Was A Good Idea…

By Mark Preiser

There are great ad/pr campaigns, there are good ones, there are fair ones. But only a handful are so ill-conceived that they actually drive customers away. I recently read an article in the Business Pundit that detailed a few. Here are some of my favorites:

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