Gaga Photoshop Hubbub: But Is It News?

By Nork

Pop star Lady Gaga has always maintained that fame, in itself, is her primary art form. The latest chapter came in the form of her ad campaign for Versace, launched several months ago. But what really blew up the internet wasn’t the campaign itself, but the recent leaking of what appear to be original, unretouched photos from her print shoot.

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All-Time “Out of the Box” Favorites

By Greg Kenney

Thinking “out of the box” is a top priority in the ad industry. There’s a huge amount of mediocrity out there and it’s part of the job to constantly try to go for the “wow” factor.

Sometimes a limited budget can result in limited resources for generating that “wow” for your client. However, a small budget should never serve as an excuse for lackluster, ho-hum creative. One great tip for maximizing the “wow” factor with a tight budget is to consider making social media part of the marketing strategy.

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Brand on the Run

By Cameron Advertising

Olive Garden’s new logo, a central element of its proclaimed “brand Renaissance,” is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of, well . . . nearly everyone. Investors are folding their napkins and running from the table: shares of parent company Darden Restaurants are already down over 10% in 2014.

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What Do Women Watch?

By Mark Preiser

Great article by Sam Thielman in the March 31 issue of Adweek re: what women watch on cable. Here are some stats that might surprise you:

  • More women ages 18 to 49 watch Sunday Night Football
    on NBC (3.5 million) than The Bachelorette (2.5 million).

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Marketing Lessons from the Sharks

By Betsy Stevens

In ABC’s popular TV show, Shark Tank, each week a number of aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to potential investors, the Sharks. Last October, Stacey Miller pointed out in an article several things that the pitches of the winning entrepreneurs seem to have in common. Not surprisingly, all of these winning elements also apply to marketing pitches in general:

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