The Year of the Selfie

By nork

“Selfie” has been named the international Word of the Year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries in both the U.K. and U.S. Its usage has skyrocketed, increasing by 17,000% since 2012.

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Bizarre Gifts 2013

By Mark Preiser

Came across a very interesting article in the December 16 issue of Adweek.   It was titled Adweek’s “Bizarre Gift List.”  My favorite was the “Lil’ Mynx” portable stripper pole for $385.  Comes with a faux alligator case…presumably to upscale it a bit.  A faux stripper was not apparently an option.  A recycled wood tie for $36 also caught my eye. Probably hurts less then the recycled wood undies.

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Get Lit for the Holidays

By Cameron Advertising

All agency creatures have a drawer somewhere at home filled with years of accumulated T-shirts emblazoned with clients’ logos, promotions and messaging. With holiday gift-giving on our mind, we were recently heartened to discover a company that’s elevating the humble T-shirt from the realm of hucksterism to a higher calling.

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Don’t Neglect Video

By Betsy Stevens

By now, most every smart marketer knows that creating original content and pumping it out to established social networks is job one when it comes to getting noticed on the web. But the question remains: what kind of content works best?

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Get Responsive . . . or Perish!

By Bill Blaney

If there is one constant in the world of digital marketing, it’s that change occurs every day, every minute, and every time you think you’ve caught up. It is possible, however, to stay ahead of the curve. To do so you have to know you’re already there.

For example, my agency created its first Content Management System-based website back in 2002 thanks to a large, multinational client who required that we build something she could customize as needed – without involving that pesky HTML. While most ad agencies and digital firms at that time were building clever Flash sites and hard-coded properties, we had the lucky fortune of glimpsing into the future and anticipating what clients would be looking for years later – in-house updating flexibility and SEO friendliness.

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Financial Industry a Top Spender on Digital

By Tom Score

For veterans of financial marketing, a report by eMarketer came as no great surprise: the financial services sector (insurers, banks, credit card issuers, investment firms and the like) is the second-highest spender in paid digital media.

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Buzz Your Brand

By Greg Kenney

Buzz: (noun) an atmosphere of excitement and activity; (verb) to create an atmosphere of excitement and activity.
Event/Buzz Marketing: I’ll never forget my first experience. Headed downtown on my way back to work, I noticed a crowd of people staring up at the Empire State Building. Joining the fray, I was surprised to see a giant inflated King Kong tethered to the top of the spire!
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It’s Not All About You

by Jeff Ginsberg

What’s the quickest way to turn off first-time visitors to your Facebook page? Making the page all about you. The biggest thing we at Cameron try to teach our clients is simply: Nobody really cares, or has the time to care. Nobody cares how great you think your company is, what high-minded mission your brand represents, or how long you’ve been in business. The principle applies particularly to social media.

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Battle of the Pop-Ups

By nork

Intel and Google have faced off with two very different approaches to pop-up holiday stores in New York City.


Google’s Winter Wonderlab in busy, bustling Bryant Park (one of six locations in major U.S. cities) is large scale and cutting edge. (Learn more here). Intel’s Experience Store, small-scale and intimate, is tucked into a quiet street in Nolita (one of three U.S. locations – learn about it here).

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Damme Impressive

By Lisa Alviti

Here’s an absolutely amazing commercial for Volvo Trucks. I can see why this went viral. The stunt is real and done in one take.

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